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Cyber EVM 2: Rewatch the band sets!

On the 11th of December 2020 we had 4 Exclusive first online shows in aid of Slimelight London hitting the donation goal! Below you can re-watch each bands' performance and there is an embed link to donate to Slimelight and Mak's family. Thank you.

DJ Elektro Vox opening set

Set list:

Eggvn - Mantis

Hocico - Damaged

Menschdefekt - Black harvest

Synapsyche - Push!

Detroit diesel - Crash and burn

Distatix - Disappear

Biomechanimal - End your life

ESA - We are Elektro Vox

Zeitgeist Zero

Due to a muted track issue with twitch and technical issues this is a slight re-work and does not therefore show the chat and emojis on screen as when it was live.

Seraphim System

20 seconds of intro cut due to copyright.

Electronic Substance Abuse

Professional stage performance


Mixed DJ set


Incredible online first and pure fire!

DJ Elektro Vox closing set

Set list:

Suono - Battle

iVardensphere - Thin Veil

We are magonia - The living will envy the dead

Blutengel / Massive Ego - Nothing but a void

Pretty addicted - Scapegoat

Pretty addicted - Too much (90 days a cycle)

Gasoline invertebrate - Headschatten

Faderhead - Home of the creeps

Rein - I don't get anything but shit from you

Combichrist - Every day is war

Analogue blood - Until the sun

(Ending not seen was Human league - Electric dreams and a Candle vigil to Mak)

Thank you all so much for watching, sharing, and donating. I’m so, so humbled and emotional. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting not just me but the artists, Slimes, and Mak We hit the $1000 donation goal. You’re all amazing!

To donate to Slimelight and Mak's family:

And a big thank you to Mechanical Vein for hosting our after party!


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Thank you for viewing and please feel free to share on social media and like us on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook @ElektroVox


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