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EP Review: Against I - O.M.G

Against I release an impressive EP that really showcases Fredrik Croona's signature sound. Mix that in with a damn fine overall concept and remix from Teknovore, and you have yourself some dancefloor smashing audio!


Swedish industrial act, Against I has just unleashed their new EP, O.M.G. Against I is fronted by Fredrik Croona (Cynical Existence/Menschdefekt).

O.M.G. stands for Obscene Morbid Gore. The four tracks on it brings together the darker parts of humans. death, murder, greed and hate. The red line that goes through all tracks are these things. Musically the songs continue what the 'Scum' single built up, but with some more refinement. The EP also contains remixes by Teknovore, and DeathVerified.

O.M.G. is available NOW in digital format on all streaming platforms including Bandcamp!



The title track 'O.M.G' (Obscene Morbid Gore) kicks off with a throaty guitar riff that gives way to flowing electronics in a waltz of electronic stand off with one another making for a really interesting basis for the sound of the track; It is both heavy and relaxing at the same time, a real mind screw of pleasure.

Fredrik's vocals are that same beloved growl he is known for that really add a fine tuned edge to the emotion of the song. Lyrically the tracks lends itself to what I imagine to be a great sing along hook for live shows!

'The Other Half' builds up a nice electronic sense of excitement, a little like the Mortal Kombat theme does. This track follows a similar fashion to the opening song but the vocals take on more of a punk visceral guttural punch. It retains that electronic rave energy in amongst the guitars that really peaked my love for the music of Menschdefekt; A really energetic bounce of a track that gets you moving, and thanks to the lyrics, thinking too..

Quite strangely 'Disgust' doesn't seem like a separate song to the last, instead it sounds like a continuation of the previous track but cranks the electronics, guitars, and vocals up a notch. Like someone mid argument suddenly swinging in to .. "And here's another thing..!" before carrying on their angry tirade.

Next up is 'Scum', check out our full 8/10 scored review of 'Scum' HERE

Next up is Teknovore's remix, an artist who I only just gave 10/10 for his new album in the article before this. Once again Teknovore has given his Midas touch to music.

This track has now been sharpened in to a fine rave industrial point, desperate to be loosed from the bow of the DJ decks and through the hearts and chests of everyone of everyone within ear shot.

The treble has been toned down, the sharp lyrics have been smoothed and streamlined, and the electronics have become horrifically deadly; Especially in the tasty drop and change of pace at 2:53. 'Scum' now sounds like an Aggrotech classic!

Finally Death Verified's remix pulls at the threads and essence of what makes the track up, using little pieces here and there to warp the sound and pull at the threads of the electronics bringing emphasis to some pieces and leaving behind others in a loose trance format.



The Other Half



Scum (Teknovore Remix)

Scum (Death Verified Remix)


Technicality: 7/10

Soul factor: 6/10

Energy: 7/10

Vocals/Samples: 7/10

Re-play value: 8/10

Overall score: 7 / 10


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