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Interview+Review: Electronic Substance Abuse - I DETACH

Few singles hit the satisfaction levels where usually just one track and a singular remix is hardly a worthy appetiser. Yet with a substantial original track and three of the heartiest remixes I've ever heard, 'I DETACH' lays on one amazing buffet of delicious musical genius!


The new single ‘I Detach’ sees J Blacker again pummelling the listener with his unmistakeable wall of dark electronic sound.

With a writing thick, snarling bass line that comes strange from mid-tempo techno hell, flattening kicks and glorious synth hooks. ‘I Detach’ is yet another reason why ESA is regarded as a must in DJ sets around the world.

Alongside the Single release comes remixes from Moris Blak, Mechanical Vein and surprisingly, the enigmatic Mr.Kitty. Further proving that Blacker will never be prepared to do what is expected and is always ready to turn things on their head.

Accompanying the Single release is yet another game-changing official music video, which is yet more evidence of Blackers story-telling and directing ability.

I DETACH official music video