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Single Review: Biomechanimal - From The Mouth Of Beasts

Brutally heavy, unapologetically their own unique entity, Biomechanimal return with a track so grand and supreme in power and weight that they have once again broken a genre boundary no one thought capable. This is Biomechanimal's sharpest weapon in the fight for the soul of industrial metal.


A far cry from their industrial and EBM beginnings, Biomechanimal has reinvented itself as one of the foremost bass acts in the UK, mixing the signature sound of the London underground with the brutal theatrical drama of orchestral metal. The proof is, of course, in the pudding, which has been sampled by venues all over Europe. After a string of releases in 2021 (including a vocal feature on Matteo Tura's midtempo masterpiece Corrupt), the band is now poised to release their next single From the Mouth of Beasts ahead of the upcoming EP.

Recorded at Monolith Studio, From the Mouth of Beasts is the focal point of the band's efforts to reimagine themselves into something heavier, ferocious, and dramatic. Fronted by Matthew L. Simpson on production and vocals, Kekko Stefano Biogora on drums, Sarunas Brazionis on guitar, and Keith Kamholz (Mechanical Vein) on mixing & mastering, the band is pulling out all the stops with a sound that is as menacing as it is immersive.

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Epic is always the first word that comes to mind when listening to a new Bio track because the grandiose scale of cinematic battle-scapes takes precedence in the cacophony of audio that hits you like a tsunami of bass and imagination.

This track is no different, and had I not seen the cover already showing the war in heaven, I would have already suspected this was some sort of grand scale conflict of good and evil, as well as all the shades in between.

Although the introduction and 2:00 breakdown is very distinctly the recognisable Biomechanimal format of tonal flurries, the rest of this track is not the traditional Biomechanimal at all and flows towards a new form of industrial black metal (?).