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Album review: Seraphim System - Natural Predator

One of the true masters of industrial returns yet again, never slowing down, never resting; The album's name may as well be a description of the man himself. For those who are new to his music, they are ambushed by the sheer ferocity and skill, drumming up primal fury inside of listeners with each beat.

He can attack you not just with industrial, but power noise, dark synth, and a vast array of vocal and metal ranges.

Looking at the beautiful artwork of the latest album I find myself marvelling at the coincidence that before I even knew about this album, some of what I had written up for #Cyber EVM 2.0 said:

"Seraphim System is an apex predator of industrial music. One who may not be known far and wide but neither is the panther until it’s at your throat in full force and aggression."

This self released album releases on the 22nd of December and is available for pre-order on both CD and digital format over at Bandcamp HERE.

John played a lot of the new tracks from this album on his first ever online show for Cyber EVM in aid of Slimelight which can be seen in the video below:

For the full Cyber EVM 2 article where you can watch the exclusive sets from Seraphim System, Iszoloscope, Memmaker, and Zeitgeist Zero as well as stage show from ESA, and DJ sets from myself, DJ Elektro Vox; click the image:


First of all this album seems very much a return to the hard to swallow vocals of raw aggression heard in previous albums such as 'Relay Toxicity' and 'Xibalba' but very much blended in to the crunchy industrial stomp goodness of 'Obsidian Frontline.'

It is therefore not the usual industrial of 'Friendly Fire' and 'Phoenix.' Once you get that assumption out of your mind, you're a lot more free to enjoy what is on offer.