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EVM Fest In aid of Beat:Cancer. 9th April Pre-Slimelight show. All the info!

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

It's been over two years since EVM was originally meant to hit the stage and how things have changed. Each band has certainly grown in fame, fury, and industrial glory since!

This was the original EVM article with detailed insight to the bands: HERE So I wont go in to too much detail again but certainty recap where the bands are at now.

Remember tickets at are currently only £12! This includes free entry to Slimelight after.

Not to mention, the return of the Beat:Cancer raffle! If you have anything you'd like to donate to the raffle be it relevant music related, merch, or a promotion pack of your creative art side etc let us know!

Please remember however NO ID, NO ENTRY 18+ This is a policy Slimelight has to follow in line with Islington Council.

Although there are no Covid passes required for entry we do please ask that everyone is considerate and take a lateral flow before attending to keep the event as safe as possible for yourself and others.

Biomechanimal and Karkasaurus took part in our first online EVM fest (Cyber EVM) to make up for the Covid cancellation of the original show which was an amazing success. Also taking part was God Module, Modulate, iVardensphere, Corlyx, Mechanical Vein, and myself DJ Elektro Vox. You can re-watch these killer performances HERE

This gave rise to other EVM streams, the most notable of which being a second Cyber EVM including the likes of Iszoloscope, ESA, Memmaker, Seraphim System, Zeitgeist Zero, Mechanical Vein, and myself again; This time in aid of Slimelight and the late and incredible, Mak.. See those performances HERE

Unfortunately due to unavoidable circumstances, Still Forever have had to leave the EVM line up but we hope to have them return to a future event!

Whether you are attending the event or not, please would you be kind enough to share this article or the facebook event so that others may hear about it and help join the good cause and good time!

Event page: HERE

Get warmed up as you read with the official EVM playlist:

The Artists

Auger have played some incredible shows such as HRH Goth and released some killer albums including the latest release of Nighthawks including a track featuring Chris Harms of Lord Of The Lost (Our review HERE)

Auger were also busy doing some fantastic live streams of band sets and acoustic sets and Kyle's voice really did master some of the cover tracks he performed which you can find HERE


Biomechanimal have changed their line up, refined their sounds, added a live drummer, and made incredible releases - collaborating with some of the best artists around including Moris Blak and Zardonic.

Not only this but Matt of Biomechanimal put on some brilliant live streamed DJ sets during lockdown which has made them a real corner stone of the British industrial scene.


Chamaeleon Will be performing their first ever show in the UK fresh off the release of the new album 'The Game' which is an absolutely stunning Aggrotech album which I sadly have not got round to reviewing but it is something I listen to regularly.

Not only will Nikos (Right) be flying over from Cyprus for the show but so too will Maria Xoniki who you can hear on the track 'Vibe'.

You may even see a friend and I get up and dance on stage with them too for a bit if you attend.. Just saying!


MATT HART has also released some great music since the original date and most recently released the new album Below the Terra which you can find our full review to HERE

I'm really looking forward to his particular form of metal heavy industrial at EVM.

MATT was also one of the great artists creating live streams to keep us entertained, he did so in the form of 'Outlaw Vision'


This incredible duo are the boys behind Beat:Cancer itself and the true heroes of EVM and lockdown. These guys have been absolutely tearing across the country playing hardstyle gigs left, right, and centre and occasionally put on Industrial sets that are mind blowing.

The amount of effort these guys put in to mixing, BPM increasing, and their visuals is just insane. Some of the best Livestream sets were performed by these two and I honestly think Karkasarus will be incredible to watch live, not just at EVM, but also at Resistanz!

Check out the video below for the previous Cyber EVM industrial set of epic proportions which was only one amongst many!


DJ Simon Penguin has performed live streams during lockdown for Beat:Cancer and Elektro:Vox and been involved with some other great events too. Sadly we have no recordings to show you but take my word for it, this man really knows how to play a filthy industrial set that absolutely slaps the look off of your face and replaces it with this:

Stage times

(Subject to potential change)

18:00 Doors

18:30 Simon Penguin (DJ Set)

19:00 Matt Hart

19:45 Chamaeleon

20:45 Karkasaurus (DJ set)

21:25 Biomechanimal

22:05 Beat:Cancer raffle draw and announcements

22:15 Auger

(Keep scrolling!)

Also coming up in the world of Karkasaurus and EVM events:

Thank you and please help us spread the word!


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