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Elektro Vox best of 2020

It's been a tough year and I have not kept as up to date with the wider spectrum of industrial and electronic music as I would have liked to in order to call this a true 'Best of' list.

However these are my personal favourite and best from 2020, many of them related to the work I have done with the bands throughout the year, and some of them I just enjoyed amongst all the rest and didn't get round to writing about.

So here's my short set of lists with no explanations to get in the way. Enjoy!

Best albums

1. ESA: Electronic Substance Abuse - Burial 10

Review HERE

2. Hatari - Neyslutrans

Review HERE

3. Seraphim System - Mutant Mthrfkr

4. Auger - Insurgence

Review HERE

5. Witch of the Vale - Commemorate

6. Corlyx - Together apart

Review HERE 7. Black Angel - Kiss of death

Review HERE 8. Jameson Nathan Jones - Signals

Review HERE 9. MENSCHDEFEKT - Empty World

Review HERE 10. MORIS BLAK - Irregular Revisions vol.1


Best Singles / EP

1. Aesthetic Perfection (For X-RL7) - Digital Deities

Read about X-RL7 HERE

2. Biomechanimal featuring Nysrok Infernalien - End you life

Review HERE

3. Blutengel / Massive Ego - Nothing but a void

Review HERE

4. Analogue Blood - Kill those beats

Review HERE

5. Faderhead Featuring Solar Fake - I did not know


Top 3 music videos


2. Hatari - Engin Miskunn

3. Pretty Addicted - 'Tones and Whiskey


Top 3 Cyber EVM acts

1. Iszoloscope - Cyber EVM 2.0

2. ESA - Cyber EVM 2.0

3. Corlyx - Cyber EVM


Best unexpected pleasure