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  • Album Review: Seraphim System - Mutant Menagerie & Grimoire

    My love for the beast that is Seraphim System is obvious to anyone that's ever followed Elektro Vox or Search E.V for all previous Seraphim System articles HERE This all feels full circle to have seen him Seraphim System incorporates elements of aggrotech, black metal, death metal, punk, drum and bass, and Review To start with, I gotta say, this is an album for headphones or to tear apart stage sound systems I for one am as excited as ever to see what Seraphim System launches at us next!

  • Spotlight: Seraphim System

    John Stancil of Seraphim System has featured a lot on Elektro Vox and for good reason, he churns out Seraphim System was the very first content to grace the Elektro Vox site where I spoke about his music I haven’t had this much fun writing music since I first started Seraphim System back up in 2013. 2020 onwards might see more NCROMNCR than Seraphim System, but I’ll try my damndest to still keep making Elektro vox presents

  • Album review: Seraphim System - Natural Predator

    System is an apex predator of industrial music. System, Iszoloscope, Memmaker, and Zeitgeist Zero as well as stage show from ESA, and DJ sets from myself System as he constantly evolves and adapts his music style to the world around him. If one day I find myself in a Seraphim System mosh pit or wall of death, I expect that frenzied crowd You can grab some Seraphim System merch HERE Scores Technicality: 7/10 Dance factor: 7.5/10 Energy: 8

  • Album review: Xibalba by Seraphim System.

    Xibalba is another fantastic entry from the ever creative mind of Seraphim system, mixing up his previous Elektro Vox interviewed John Stancil of Seraphim System about the album’s release which can be found Seraphim System songs have been added to one of the most famous you tube influences, DJ Wintermute’s This track once again shows that Seraphim System is able to combined any style of music with industrial It’s a beautiful breakdown that I’ve not expected of Seraphim System before once again mixing up boundaries

  • Interview /Review: Obsidian Frontline by Seraphim System.

    Seraphim System explodes back on to the dance floor with one hell of a noise heavy STOMP album that is Seraphim System is the solo work of John Stancil, a supremely talented musical machine who has put out Systems channel) Many thanks John! However Seraphim System have returned in top form, this entire album is full of tracks that would fill Get yourself a copy here: Seraphim System's

  • Review: Seraphim System PHO3N1X 2CD limited edition including MUTANT MTHFKR

    BL4KJ4K (John Stancil) of Seraphim System is someone I always rave about in terms of how impressed I So as much as he and my friends are probably sick of hearing about my love for Seraphim System having A recurring theme with Seraphim system is the dog and gun logo. A usual staple of Seraphim System is to throw in inspirations from other styles of music and the more This CD really is the ultimate personification of what Seraphim System is capable and I find it a real

  • Interview with Seraphim system for the new album release of 'Xibalba'

    We speak with Seraphim system about the new album release ‘Xibalba’ on Cleopatra records, released 22nd John Stancil’s project Seraphim system has been one of the most underappreciated industrial artists in System? What is the most important life lesson you have learned from Seraphim System and the reaction you've Seraphim System’s new album Xibalba can be found on Spotify or to purchase via Amazon for a bargain of

  • EP Review and Mini Interview: Starcide - Blazar

    Track 4: OORT The Oort cloud is a spherical «shield» of comets and asteroids located around the solar system It represents the outer boundary of our system. I see you have a new remix of 'Blazar' coming out soon by my good friend Seraphim System, how did you We've followed John for a long time, I consider Seraphim System one of the best industrial act on the

  • Cyber EVM 2: Rewatch the band sets!

    Seraphim System 20 seconds of intro cut due to copyright.

  • Live Review And Interviews: Resistanz Festival 2023

    . - Seeping SERAPHIM SYSTEM - Limitless DARK MACHINE NATION - F I put the album on in my car which had Friday Seraphim System Ser-Sys is the one I coined as the overall must watch artist for the weekend and Seraphim System has so many different sounds to choose from and fitting them all in to such a dance fuelled "Seraphim System.. - Kirsty Thewlis "Seraphim System filled my brain with noise and turned me into an EBM redneck and I

  • Resistanz Festival 2023 - All the Info!

    Seraphim System Elektro Vox's Friday (and overall for Tanz'23) MUST WATCH artist recommendation! (2 of 2) Seraphim System has made it a point to meld and merge types of different music with Industrial With his long-running MUTANT MTHRFKR series (that he has categorized as CYBER BODY MUSIC) Seraphim System For Seraphim System's best music in my opinion check out his MUTANT MTHRFKR and Cyberpunk and chill releases Computer is Love's eighth full-length album since emerging - as an 8-bit ghost - from the bulletin board system

  • Elektro Vox best of 2020

    Seraphim System - Mutant Mthrfkr 4. Auger - Insurgence Review HERE 5.

  • Releases on our sensors (January 2021)

    (we love) Seraphim System - Cyberpunk & Chill Vol.1 (Album) Wardruna - Kvitravn (Album) "Even though

  • Cyber EVM: Rewatch the band sets! £1k+ Raised In aid of the Slimelights survival fund! 9/10/20

    Addicted - Filthy whore mouth Binary Division - Midnight crisis Priest - Vaudeville ES23 - Sweetmeat Seraphim System - Militant Hatari - Spillingardens (E.S.A remix) E.S.A (Electronic substance abuse) - I remember Aesthetic Perfection - The dark half (Seraphim System remix) Menschdefekt - Plague (The human parasite - The Swarm (easy to swallow mix) God Module - Minute to Midnight (SHIV-R mix) God Module - Plastic SYSTEM System - Burn it down E.S.A - The Scorn Santa hates you - Scum (Sound removed) Seven Lions - Serpent

  • Elektro Vox Music live stream radio, episode 1. 6th May 2020

    Hatari, 3TEETH + MATT HART, Auger, MENSCHDEFEKT, MASSIVE EGO, Blutengel+Hocico, Seraphim System, ESA

  • Ruinizer news and the new Elektro Vox theme track.

    This is also his half of the summer of swaggrotech collection which is mirrored by a 3cd release from Seraphim System.

  • EVM Fest In aid of Beat:Cancer. 9th April Pre-Slimelight show. All the info!

    the most notable of which being a second Cyber EVM including the likes of Iszoloscope, ESA, Memmaker, Seraphim System, Zeitgeist Zero, Mechanical Vein, and myself again; This time in aid of Slimelight and the late

  • Recent releases. June 2020

    Seraphim system - PHO3N1X Full Elektro Vox review HERE "This is a POWERHOUSE of audio combat thumping

  • Elektro vox: Best of 2019 lists!

    Seraphim System. With multiple releases this year. Seraphim continues to be one of the truly underrated yet most talented of industrial artists. There's also quite a few interviews and reviews on our site regarding Seraphim System. 4.

  • Spotlight: Panic I/O - Interview and reviews with a great new artist!

    fact I think it's only happened to me twice in the last decade.(3 now) So when I heard Panic I/O's 'System Similarly, I wrote 'System Overload' with the intention of conveying that overwhelming sense of panic - the input is the signal or data received by the system, and the output is the signal or data sent I took that advice and tried to implement it on 'System Overload' and I think (and hope) it shows. Review I will start with 'System Overload' first as that's the first one I heard.

  • Review+Interview: PreEmptive Strike 0.1 - Redeclaration Of War

    LETHAL DEFENCE SYSTEMS: It was a song that due to its success, "everything started" for PES01 and the industrial genre and sound, we have mixed it with different styles as dark electro (“Lethal Defence Systems 'Lethal Defence Systems' is a nice stompy piece of industrial dance aggression with the signature cyber Tracklist The Base Was Overrun Lethal Defence Systems (2002 Version) Preemptive Strike (2021 Version)

  • Live review: Rome Burns and Stella Wembley - The Fox and Newt 3/7/21

    Even a slight technical hitch with gremlins in the system did not fluster her, for certain she is a natural

  • EP Review: Dragon and Jettebach - The Roche Limit

    Gustav Holst writing incredible pieces for entire orchestras to pay tribute to the planets of our solar system

  • Live Review: The Liquid Engineers - The Forum, Darlington 19/6/21

    initial drum beats of Ghost Nation rattle my ribs – that’s one good set of drums, and a very good sound system

  • Covid-19 survival guide, with Syd.31

    when populists took hold - I knew they would strip away all our ‘spare’ capacity to help and cope with system Instead, we had local kings and lords and the feudal system developed. Its a broken system that got us in this mess and not your fault.  03 -  A little love goes a long way

  • Interview: Microwaved - Save Me

    Gabe has played alongside some giants of metal rubbing shoulders with the likes of Slipknot, System of In fact we were opening for System of a Down with American Head Charge and they got discovered and the

  • EP Review: Analogue Blood - Kill Those Beats

    scientists can measure the dopamine activity in the brain nuclei associated with a person's reward system

  • EP Review: Massive Ego - The New Normal

    Musk’s man-made machines circling above our heads, questioning mankind's interference with the solar system

  • EP Review+Interview: Lockjaw - Reverent

    A political and religious uprising against the system. You describe the band as ‘Hell Rock’ and “A political and religious uprising against the system.”

  • E-tropolis Festival 2019 Review

    The money system there was also appealing. The sounds system is top notch and when the Vicious Alliance remix of Aesthetic Perfection's Schadenfreude The sound system really did their synthetic sounds a lot of justice and they presented such a great energy SITD:] play 'Snuff machinery' which sounded rich and fulfilling on that wonderful second stage sound system

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